Culture and Preparation


According to the different regions of the Northern Hemisphere, flowering takes place from April to June. The green harvest, from late August to early November and mature from November to March. Being very fragile, olives must be handled with caution.

They should be harvested mature, preferably by hand, or that being not possible, with sticks, pads, or even better with nets, avoiding all contact with the ground. Processes are also used for mechanical harvesting machines, blowers, shakers and vibrators, but results have not proved as satisfactory as manual harvesting.

Three days after harvest, in order that fermentation does not create acidity in the olive oil, olives pass to the oil extraction process: after washing with water, they go to a crusher grinding wheels, according to classical and ancient processes.

Cold retrieved from healthy olives, this oil obtained from the first pressure, from pure fruit juice, the result of a strictly mechanical action, is the healthier, safer, and richer in ologomoléculas aliment, very valuable for our cells.

From the remaining paste: will be extracted and refined oil (this being too high in acidity, excess taste, smell and taste very strong) and will not be entitled to the designation of "olive oil".

Local Culture and Preparation